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Eliza Jane Howell

Eliza Jane Howell is the inspiration of renowned fashion designer Gill Harvey. Named after her grandmother, the Eliza Jane Howell Bridal Collection draws inspiration from exquisite vintage gowns of the past and is the epitome of grown up glamour. The collection is aimed at the modern day bride who would love to wear a dress that oozes the sophistication and decadence of the golden age of fashion.Eliza Jane HowellEliza Jane Howell

Prior to the Collection’s launch in London towards the end of 2012, Brand Inventions was commissioned to create an identity for Eliza Jane Howell. The logotype mixes serif & sans-serif fonts to play upon the blend of traditional and modern. The emblem joins the ‘H’ of ‘Howell’ and its mirror image to create a tiara-like motif and the colours of burnished gold and dove grey are further intended to resonate with the keynotes of the collection itself; a restrained and classically simple design which aspires to evoke the spirit of the brand.

Eliza Jane HowellOur work for Gill’s company, The Medici Group, to which the Eliza Jane Howell brand belongs, is ongoing. To date it includes post-production photographic imaging and retouching; the design of business cards; garment labels and hangtags; magazine advertisements for publications such as ‘Brides’ and ‘You and Your Wedding’; listings for exhibition show guides such as the British Bridal Exhibition in Harrogate and the International Bridal Design Fair at the White Gallery, London; presentation CDs and other display and marketing materials. We also look after Medici’s trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office & all IP related matters - a service we offer to all our clients.

Eliza Jane HowellEliza Jane HowellEliza Jane Howell