Brand Inventions



Eliza Jane Howell, the London-based fashion label, provides Brand Inventions with one of its biggest contracts. We have been providing design services to the bridal wear company since its launch in 2012. The work is varied but almost always it begins with the images supplied by the photographer. Every photograph goes through a post-production digital retouching process in Photoshop to enhance it. This is usually straightforward but it can be a time consuming and technically demanding job depending on what is required. On occasions, the model in the photograph will need to be separated from the studio background and superimposed onto a new backdrop, a process that needs a skilled and artistic touch if the results are to be convincing.


The recently launched 'Debutante Collection' employs a hand-painted stage cloth as backdrop to the photographs. This is somewhat in the manner of the English Picturesque style of eighteenth century landscape painting (inspired by the art of seventeenth century French painters, notably Poussin and Claude Lorriane). Whilst this device is not new, (it was hugely popular with photographers like Lenare and Cecil Beaton for example); it has been largely overlooked today. The approach has helped create a lyrical and romantic setting which fits well with the elegant and sophisticated appeal of the vintage collection. It helps establish a vaguely aristocratic aesthetic which is quintessentially English. And since the label is fast becoming recognised internationally, especially in America, this is an important aspect of the brand for the company to communicate in their marketing. Our job is to ensure that it is communicated effectively.


Once the post-production process has been completed, the images can be used in a variety of ways. A 'line-sheet' for each range is produced which identifies every dress by name and lists the available sizes and colour options. These are used by stockists to present the collections. The images are uploaded to the company's website and selected images are used for magazine advertisements, invitations and other print and web-related applications.