Brand Inventions

Having performed a rebranding exercize for Artifex London at the beginning of 2014, we began work on a new website for the company at the beginning of 2015.

Artifex London required an eyecatching and sophisticated website that not only displayed the revised branding but which also reflected a number of important developments for the business: new manufacturing arrangements; recent product development; technological advancements within the stone industry and recently completed projects.                     



It was also important for Artifex London (not least because they are involved with architectural products which are at the very forefront of a rapidly developing technical industry), that their website should not only be 'up-to-date' or 'of the moment', but should also take account of changing practices, (in terms of website build and development). The principal change has been the move away from what used to be termed 'mobile-friendly' sites to fully 'mobile responsive websites'. Significant changes to the way websites are ranked within online search results were brought in by Google in February 2015 and they became effective from 21st April 2015.

For the full story on this please visit this page of our website.

The new website for Artifex London is a simple, (and hopefully elegant) way of presenting the company to architects, designers and other specifiers of translucent stone and glass products around the world. 

The website showcases fourteen of the company's most prestigious projects. The empahsis of the website is very much on imagery rather than text, relying as it does on professional photography and the quality of the images to say what the company does. To view the website, please visit: